A safe and inclusive culture for the music community

Hei kōrero, hei wero, hei kōkiri anō hoki

A safe and inclusive culture for the music community: upcoming workshops and online feedback

15 March 2021

Through March and April 2021 we are offering a series of workshops on the topic of a safe and inclusive culture for the music community in Aotearoa and an online feedback form for those who can’t attend the workshops. The workshops are scheduled for Monday 22nd March, Tuesday 23rd March and Tuesday 6th April. The workshops will focus on the prevention of and response to sexual harm but we also welcome comments ideas and feedback on representation and inclusion issues more broadly.

For more background on this project and the purpose of the workshops click HERE.

For event information, to RSVP and access other ways to give feedback click HERE
What is SoundCheck Aotearoa? Frequently Asked Questions

15 March 2021

If you’ve heard about SoundCheck Aotearoa but you are not sure about who we are and what we are doing check out the answers to some frequently asked questions HERE.

What can I do in my workplace right now? New resources from SoundCheck Aotearoa

15 March 2021

SoundCheck Aotearoa is committed to the mahi needed to support our community to work towards long term culture change. In the meantime there are steps you can take in your workplace right now to start making a difference. Check out Sexual Harm Prevention: Things you can do to help and our resources section.

Background to SoundCheck Aotearoa and our plans March – May 2021

15 March 2021

To access a document explaining what SoundCheck Aotearoa is and our plans from March to May 2021 click HERE.

SoundCheck Aotearoa statement in response to the article ‘Music Industry Professionals Demand Change’

We are deeply saddened to hear these stories about harm experienced by people in the music industry. Everyone is entitled to a safe workplace where they are respected and free from harassment, sexual harm, and discrimination. These stories show that we need to do better as an industry, and we are committed to doing that.


Amplify Aotearoa research on gender inequity in the NZ music industry

Massey University researchers have released a report detailing widespread gender discrimination in the Aotearoa music community in the first report of its kind in New Zealand.